Hello, I’m Alexandra “Alex” Ulsh! I’m a developer, writer, speaker, and leader. I work at Mapbox in Washington, D.C.

I build, launch, and improve software products and platforms. I use technical skills, empathy, and customer obsession to grow adoption and increase revenue.

I have over 10 years of experience as a system administrator, information security engineer, community organizer, product manager, and general manager. I have specialized knowledge in JavaScript, Node.js, AWS, containers (Docker and Kubernetes), open-source geospatial tools, application security, identity & access management, compliance (SOC 2 and RMF/ATO), bug bounty program management, and building commercial self-hosted software platforms for customers in restricted environments.

As a colleague, mentor, manager, or friend, I like to help others cultivate more meaningful lives. I practice (and like to teach others about) digital minimalism, Getting Things Done, Marie Kondo, and daily time blocking to create space for deep work, meaningful hobbies, and rest. Outside of work, I enjoy strength training (both calisthenics and weights), snowboarding, playing guitar, genealogy, and learning foreign languages.