Personal Security Checklist


After leading my first Intro to Security for Developers workshop I realized my attendees felt a little overwhelmed and fearful instead of empowered. They didn’t know where to start in how to secure their own personal accounts and devices.

I made this checklist so that people would have a hit list of actions they could take immediately after a digital security training. Though the checklist is hosted on GitHub it’s not targeted at only developers. I list what I believe are the security essentials that everyone regardless of their job or threat model should configure.

Intro to Security for Developers

Slides - GitHub

I created this two hour long workshop as we had a lot of great developer tech talks at Women Who Code DC but none that focused on web application security. I wanted to distil what I had learned after my first year of Mapbox into a workshop with code samples that people could refer to later as a reference. The presentation has a special focus on Node.js since that’s what I use at Mapbox.

Volunteer + Meetups

Here are some organizations I volunteer with or Meetups I attend:


DC Tech Women and Enby Websites

Site - GitHub

I created this project in 2015 when I was putting together my personal website for the first time. I realized there were lots of awesome women and enbies (non-binary people) in DCTech who also happened to have awesome personal websites. I wanted to gather them all and share them with the world to inspire others and showcase their accomplishments! This project could use some serious updating - please open a new issue or submit a new pull request.

Military Brat Map

Live map - GitHub

I get asked a lot where I’m from. Given I’m a military brat, it’s much easier to explain with a map. At Mapbox everyone has to make a map as part of onboarding and this is what I made. I would love to upgrade it from mapbox.js to Mapbox GL JS sometime.


I’m currently working through’s Rings 1 program. I also attend group CrossFit classes 2-3x a week for strength and conditioning. Here are some movements or PRs I can’t do yet but that I’m currently working on as of September 2017:

  • strict ring muscle up
  • straight arm piked leg skin the cat (rings)
  • tuck to tuck shoulder stand (rings)
  • strict handstand push up (wall supported)
  • freebalancing handstand
  • 10 strict fixed bar pull ups
  • 1 pistol squat on my left leg without a counterweight or having to hold my right foot

Here are some calisthenics moves and PRs I have conquered that I am particularly proud of:

  • 5 strict ring dips
  • 8 strict fixed bar pull ups
  • 5 pistol squats (right leg only)
  • 205lb conventional deadlift (~1.5x bodyweight)
  • 1:53 500m row on erg